Solutions To Fix User Profile Failed To Load And Login

The user profile service failed the logon

Nowadays, Windows OS is very popular and have been installed in many devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and internet of things devices. We all know each system as its own errors and we have to live with them. But to make the work is more simple than before, we should know all possible solutions to fix Windows errors when it comes.

Last month, I was faced with one error in Windows OS and it was prevented me to access the computer. At that moment, there is no possible way to log into my Windows computer. The computer said: “The user profile service failed the logon”. I didn’t a few searches and also tried a few solutions that I found from the Internet. But all of those solutions are useless and couldn’t help me to fix the error.

My friend suggest me to boot the computer into the “Safe Mode” and create a new user to log into the computer. I did follow what he said and got success. I was able to access my Windows computer and transfer most personal files and data into this new Windows user account. There is no trouble while transferring data because I didn’t turn on encryption feature in the past.

There are also a few other solutions that can help you fix the user profile service failed the logon error in Windows. You can boot into “Safe Mode” and repair the registry entries, or restore the Windows OS back to working positions as well as resetting the Windows OS.

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