The New DisplayPort 1.4 Supports USB Type-C Connector

DisplayPort 1.4

Along with the HDMI connector, DisplayPort is also one of the most popular connectors in many monitors and graphics cards. Published by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association), the DisplayPort 1.3 was released in 2014, which support 4K resolutions.

The VESA company has recently released the DisplayPort 1.4, which is supporting 8K resolutions and compatible with USB Type-C connectors. In fact, this new version of DisplayPort would be a great leverage to the USB Type-C standard.

Let’s imagine with a simple USB Type-C cable, you can transfer 8K videos from your computer to the monitor, including 32 audio channels and perform at 60 fps (8K) or 120 fps (4K).

For lossless audio fans, the DisplayPort 1.4 now has the ability to deliver 32 audio channels via a simple USB cable, with ultra high sampling rates.

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