How To Close An Unresponsive Programs On Mac OS X

Mac Task Manager

On Mac OS X operating system, if a program is unresponsive, you could force quit it by using Force Quit Applications, Activity Monitor, quit it from Dock as well as terminate it from Terminal app.

Of course, use the Force Quit Applications to force quit a Mac application is easier than other ways. You just need to use a shortcut to launch this feature, choose the program you want to close and click on the “Force Quit” button. The unresponsive program will be closed automatically.

Use Activity Monitor or Mac Task Manage To Force Quit An Application?

In Windows, if you want to launch Task Manager, simply press Ctrl + Alt + Del and select “Task Manager” from the list. But if you want to open the Mac Task Manager (on Mac OS X), it’s a little bit complicated, not like on Windows.

To open Mac Task Manager, press Command + Space keys to open the Spotlight feature, and then use Spotlight to call / launch Activity Monitor. It’s an official name for Task Manager application in Mac OS X.

After you opened the Task Manager, just click on the application that’s unresponsive and you want to close, and then click on the “Force Quit” button. The selected application will be automatically closed.

How To Force Quit Applications In Mac From The Dock?

You can also to force quit an application in Mac from the dock, by pressing the Shift key on your keyboard, right-click on the application that’s running on the dock and select “Force Quit”. The program will be closed immediately.

If you do not like all methods above, you could use Terminal app to force quit any application with a simple command: killall [program name] or killall [process name]. For example, if you want to force quit Firefox, simply type killall Firefox in the Terminal application and then press Enter. The Firefox application will be terminated immediately.

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