How To Fix Common DNS Errors In Windows Computer


In fact, Windows is quite popular when we talk about operating systems for desktop or laptop. It has been popular for a long time and now still. With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has brought to this new operating system a lot of built-in functions and features.

Nevertheless, Windows also has a few annoying errors that most of us don’t really want to see it on our computer. Those errors will be slowing down your computer as well as decrease the performance of the computer.

In Windows, DNS errors are very annoying and you might feel most of functions on your computer was limited when a DNS error is occurring on your Windows computer. In order to get your computer back to normal and work fine, you have to fix that error.

Last time, I was faced the dns_probe_finished_nxdomain error on my Google Chrome browser. By that time, I don’t really know what was happening to my computer and browser. I’ve tried to access the Internet, but the browser won’t let me do that. All I want to do is open the browser and find a useful solution on the Internet.

In fact, I still can use my tablet to surf the web and have found a few solutions that might be useful. I’ve applied all of them and lucky me that the problem is solved. When you face the same solution like me, I would like to suggest you to change the default DNS address on your computer under Wireless Network adapter or LAN adapter. You can replace it by Google’s DNS or OpenDNS, instead of using the default one.

The cause is the default DNS addresses on your computer wasn’t stable and when you try to connect to the Internet, the connection also wasn’t stable too. By that, the connection between your computer and the Internet couldn’t pass through.

Nevertheless, when you replace the default DNS IP addresses with Google’s DNS with the following IP servers: and, your computer will be working again and the problem is fixed. Of course, there are still a few other causes that could lead to the dns_probe_finished_nxdomain error. But the above cause is the most popular and always helpful in most cases.


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