Facebook App For Google Android Now Supports HD Photo Uploads

Facebook for Android HD Photo

Have you felt tired of upload low-quality photos from your Android device to Facebook? The problem will be gone for now as the Facebook app has updated and allowed you to select and upload HD photos from your devices to Facebook.

In the past, Facebook app for Android doesn’t allow you to upload HD photos. In fact, when you select an HD photo to upload, it will compress the file to lower quality and then upload to the server of Facebook.

In Apple’s iOS, the “Upload HD Photos” is available for a while. But now it just comes to Google’s Android. If you don’t see this option in the Facebook for Android app, go to Google Play store and update it to the latest version.

By default, Facebook has disabled this option. To use it, you need to go to Settings of the app and then turn on the “Upload HD Photos” feature. After turning this function, Facebook will not compress your photos before uploading to the server anymore. It will help to keep the quality of your photos when it’s uploaded to Facebook.

If you want to download Facebook for Android app, visit here to download it to your Android device or just go to Google Play store and search for “Facebook”. You will be able to download the app to your device.

Ready to upload a new HD photo to your Facebook account?

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