Best Solutions For DNS Server Error On Windows

dns error

When you use Windows computer, there are a few important errors you should know and must learn how to fix it. Because sometimes, it will not let you use the computer until problems are solved. For example, if your Windows computer got a DNS error, like dns server is not responding, you will not able to access internet anymore.

The internet on your computer will be stopped because DNS server could translate domains to the right IP addresses, due to a few causes. In this case, you must restart DNS server on your computer in order to get internet connection back.

For restart DNS server service, click on Start > Run > fill services.msc. In the next step, find DNS Server service and restart it. With this solution, the dns server not responding error would be solved immediately.

Somehow, if the problem is not solved, you must change DNS server on your computer to be another one, such as OpenDNS or Google DNS.

These DNS services are 3rd DNS server, which allow you to use as an alternative. Just apply this solution in case you doubt something happened with your default DNS server of your ISP.

After apply this solution, remember to restart your Windows computer and the DNS error will be fixed.

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